– Have you ever encountered rent arrears / made the property dilapidated?
– There is no time to deal with the cumbersome rental documents? 
– Real estate brokerage commission is expensive?
– The real estate company failed to screen good tenants for you
Legendfly established the rental management professional service to make use of the knowledge and experience of our professional team, so that the owner can trust the property with us, which greatly saves time to deal with all the cumbersome rental details and frees up more free time

Rent and property protection

Rent and property protection When a tenancy dispute occurs, our team will assist the landlord in applying for recovery of the property, recovering arrears, etc., and guarantee to get back the specified amount: the highest 6 months rent or 240,000 HKD rent

Online lease management system

A number of system functions specially designed for landlords can easily and clearly manage personal properties anytime, anywhere, including automatic tenant rent payment reminders, property rental status and data records, online maintenance quotations and applications, etc.

No commission

All you need to do is to list and use our property custody service through us. All properties rented out by us will be free of commission.

Top 500 Discounts (Limited Time Offer)

The first 500 users can get one free refurbished paint for each lease, worth up to $15000

Professional maintenance team

A dedicated follow-up and an experienced team is responsible for a number of basic home maintenance and paint renovations

Help you deal with all cumbersome rental procedures and documents

Carefully screen and review the background of tenants, negotiate and sign contracts, and submit relevant documents to various departments, such as Residential Management Office, Rating and Valuation Department, Inland Revenue Department, Water Authority, Electricity Company, Broadband Company

Choose the perfect plan

Basic plan

3%of rent

Per month

Advanced plan

5%of rent

Per month

Luxury Plan

8%of rent

Per month

Frequently asked questions

Regardless of residential or commercial properties, as long as the properties registered in the Land Search Department can use our tenancy management services

No, whether you are a permanent resident of Hong Kong or a resident of an overseas country, you can apply for the service as long as you are in Hong Kong or a foreign country as long as you hold a property that is eligible

No, Legendfly will provide you with one-stop service to negotiate the contract directly with the tenant, and the tenant will know that the landlord has used our service

Legendfly will file with the court on behalf of the landlord to carry out the repossession process and handle all legal documents. The legal costs are also included in the scope of rent protection.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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