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Our Vision

Client Focused ,Tech Drive

Legendfly Group Limited was established in 2021, we transformed from the traditional real estate company Noble Expert Limited into an innovative and diversified service provider. Accumulating over 20 years solid experience in real estate, our team is specialized in offering expertise in both local and overseas real estate market. Nevertheless, we are evolved over the years to be a technology-driven company, strive to migrate the new technology into our business solution.
Our current scope of business covered in different aspects as below –
1. Hong Kong and Mainland China Real Estate
2. Overseas Real Estate
3. Tenancy Management Service
4. Overseas Migration
5. Property surveying , Inspection and Maintenance Service
6. Immigration Consultant Service

Our strategic approach:

Innovation and revolution
We’re always challenging the status quo and strive for continuous improvement by designing new technology solution for our customer. Systems are designed under analysis on recent market trend and the largest technology to address the ever-changing customer demands

Customer First
For business clients, we aim to contribute your business success by offering specialized solutions, which collaborate industries technology with company strategy. Our high-end system enable visibility and flexibility in business operation which can suit your specific demand.
Being our individual clients, you will be empowered to enrich your wealth, supporting by our professional team who delegated to listen and understand your investment or business needs.

Diligence, Reliable and Professional
Diligence, Reliable and Professional are the three essential elements in our work ethic. Our core team member must possess below license / skills / knowledge, in additional with strong analytical mindset to the industry. We are also providing on job training to further strength their skill set.
– Qualified Estate Agents / Salesperson
– Property Ordinance
– Property Inspection
– Property Survey and assessment
– Code of conduct and work ethic
– Customer Service Skill

Legendfly is proud to be recognized as an innovative and leading company in 2020 Finland , this has validated our approach and business.

Our Services


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I interviewed multiple brokers to rent out our apartment and Legendfly was the most professional, knowledgeable and eager. they handled the entire process seamlessly (photos, listing, open house, background checks and renter approval) for us while we were traveling abroad. Legendfly found the perfect tenants and even offered to be the main point of contact for us and the renter should any issues arise since we live out of Hong Kong. We highly recommend them and would work with them again for all of our housing needs and the Tenancy management servies.
by Shannon Yu
Owner, Skyline Investment Holding
We are a accounting company with 30 overseas employees, with each person living at their own renting apartment, as well as for our clients. At first, we thought we could handle renting by ourselves, but things kept getting away from us; overprice, high commission charged, Housing defects. When our staff commented on it, we decided to get a real-estate service. Legendfly has been great. They are accommodating to our needs and budget, by picking the good apartment to live . We’ve been a customer for four years , our stress is lower, and our staff are happier ever since we started working with Legendfly real-estate services.
by Celia
Accountant, Bright.co
We are a accounting company with fifty overseas employees, with each person renting their own apartment, as well as a renting apartment for our clients. At first, we thought we could do it by ourselves, but things kept getting away from us; time consuming and lacking experience in renting properties . When one of our clients commented Legendfly to us on it, we decided to get a real-estate services , and we are happy!
by Celia
Accountant, Bright.co

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